Welcome to the GamesLabs Store!

On this page you will find the packages you can buy to enhance your gameplay experience. We have 2 types of products in our webstore: Ranks & Orbs. All other items can be purchased through the in game daily store and obtained throughout our season pass. 


Ranks (Lifetime)

You can purchase a rank to get more daily challenges, a higher render distance, some orbs and rank specific cosmetics.
Ranks do not give you an advantage over other players, other than looking absolutely gorgeous.


Orbs are the global in game currency. You can buy cosmetics from the in game store, the season pass, map votes and much more with orbs. Check out the orb category for more information.


Long ago, in a land far far away (France), Skip (scipio3000) created GamesLabs. GamesLabs was a minigame based minecraft server with a large population. Since then, the server has slowly vanished only for us to get back with a new minescape server. The server has motivated us to start up the gameslabs network again. So here we are, back in action. This time we bring exciting new large games and minigames for everyone to enjoy. We want to push unique and high quality games and updates on a regular basis to grow and keep everyone entertained. With every purchase you will support the server and anyone who has worked on it. Our goal is to be able to focus on the server as a full time job, so with your support we can keep the dream alive.


All items purchased are linked to your minecraft account. You can access your purchased items by logging in to play.gameslabs.net.

Purchases cannot be refunded and chargebacks will result in the blacklist of your minecraft account and IP.